We build leading edge solutions for leaders in the microbiome space.

At BIOHM®, we developed the first clinically backed, data-powered microbiome ingredient BIOHM FX; enabled by our world-class database that combines bacterial and fungal sequencing with metadata. Today we’re partnering with the industry to develop new products and ingredients based on our data while accelerating the science of the microbiome through our bioinformatics and clinical trial services.

Microbiome Ingredients and Products

From our turnkey ingredients and formulations to cohort selection and postbiotic development, we are accelerating product innovation.

White-Label Bioinformatics and Testing

Whether you’re looking for an out-of-the-box test or a customized bioinformatics pipeline, we are meeting our client’s microbiome testing goals.

Clinical Trial and Support

Having processed over tens of thousands of microbiome tests, BIOHM® is the preferred partner for clinical trial set-up and execution. Our scientific team designs and implements clinical trials for companies and institutions globally.

The Science Behind BIOHM®

A company born from the leading microbiome researcher’s vision to advance microbiome health for everyone.

Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum, the scientist who is now known as the leading microbiome researcher in the world…”

BIOHM® created the first data-powered probiotic, BIOHM FX™ which has been clinically shown to break down digestive biofilms and reduce bloating, mild constipation, abdominal discomfort, flatulence and improve gut function ratings (GSRS)*

  • Two successful clinical trials
  • Several successful in vitro studies
  • Four published papers (others in manuscript stage)
  • One issued patent (several pending)

Showing breakdown of digestive biofilms through the use of BIOHM FX™. Before BIOHM FX™ left & after BIOHM FX™ right.

*In a recently conducted randomized, placebo-controlled study in 60 healthy adults over 6 weeks, BIOHM FX significantly improved self-reported ratings of gut function, mild bloating and abdominal discomfort compared to placebo (P<0.05). BIOHM FX also improved other measures of gut function within the treatment group after 6 weeks.

BIOHM® science team achievements
NIH Funded Research
BIOHM® science team achievements
NIH Funded Research

Our data analysis allows us to detect strains in a healthy microbiome.

Cohorts from BIOHM’s microbiome database, analyzed to identify differences between the bacteria and fungi in the cohort (Blue), versus people with a healthy microbiome (Red).

Evaluation of Microbiome Alterations Following Consumption of BIOHM®, a Novel Probiotic

Effects of a Novel Probiotic Combination on Pathogenic Bacterial-Fungal Polymicrobial Biofilms

The Probiotic BIOHM® Improves Nutrient Absorption by Disrupting Gastrointestinal Biofilms

BIOHM® Probiotics Retain Viability in Low pH Environments Simulating the Digestive Environment

Discovery Platform


An industry-first platform, turning smart microbiome data into targeted product solutions.

We believe everyone should have access to science. At BIOHM® we are building technologies to make that a reality. From powering direct-to-consumer testing, to product development for industry leaders, we use our unique microbiome expertise and data to create products that can change people’s lives.

Microbiome Ingredients and Products

We are working with global industry leaders to create next generation products and ingredients based on our powerful and proprietary database that combines bacterial and fungal sequencing with over 50 metadata points.

White-Label Bioinformatics and Testings

BIOHM’s proprietary ‘plug and play’ software portal can provide customized reporting and science-based health solutions from any 16S, ITS and/or metagenomics raw sequencing dataset.

Clinical Trial Support

Our scientific team is supporting numerous clinical trials in both design, implementation and testing support. Our expertise in bacteria and fungi provides a robust platform to build scientific understanding that informs new product development.

Transmission electron microscopy image showing a cross-section of the fungus Candida Tropicalis (large cell in the middle) surrounded by multiple bacteria. These organisms cooperate together to cause gastrointestinal issues in Crohn’s disease patients.


Proprietary software built exclusively for the collection of phenotype and genotype data for the microbiome.

Cross-category. From end-user, administration, quality control, to sequencing and more. Modified and licensed to key partners.
This manages test kit registration, user access to status, results and recommendations, customer experience, administration, and lab interface for managing plates and uploading patient results and bioinformatics.

BIOHM® is a trusted partner in research, technology, and product development.


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